In today’s world entertainment has become probably the most important thing in the life of many people. It is not like during those years when people wanted to create, discover, invent, etc, people utilized their time thinking about their projects, and studying materials related to the matter they were investigating.  We do have today some people investing time and theirs lives being leaders and innovators. But not many. Everywhere we see more complacency, somehow it feels like the joy of thinking of something new has been stolen.

When we finish our tasks, or work, it is like suddenly this idea of mind-wandering is convenient. Kids and teenagers are pretty good at that. But responsible adults know very well the danger of an empty mind, an idle mind. There is nothing wrong with resting or finding ways to entertain ourselves. In fact it is necessary for the wellbeing of our minds and bodies. For the sake of our relationships at home, and in the workplace, we all should invest time relaxing and thinking of some other things other than working all the time.

However, the entertainment in this world is becoming more brutal, disrespectful, nasty, antiBiblical, and immoral. People without filters are easy victims of all those bad things available today in social media, apps, tv channels, internet channels, etc. Kids and teenagers can be assimilated quickly by that sort of entertainment, youngsters assume without problem the vocabulary, behavior, attitudes and horrible examples shown, and they laugh about it like it is not that serious. 

Parents are responsible for being those filters for minors. Teachers and leaders in the community also play a very important role influencing inexperienced ones. But the worse thing is when we, adults, are entertaining ourselves with bad stuff, and we don’t have a problem watching, listening, reading, viewing, even participating online through chats, text, audio or video, with individuals who have no fear of God at all.

Every time you have the opportunity to suggest a good movie, book, magazine, internet website, channel, radio, do it. One fight today is against what is being poured into people’s minds. Also, if you see a kid or teenager talk to him, or her, about the dangers of evil entertainment. You never know when your message will come in the perfect time to save their soul. The future is already here, young people are the future. My contribution is through my website https://www.mygiancarlo.com where so far you can find 30-minutes audiobooks. It is your responsibility to guide, influence, inspire and even correct those youngsters that don’t have a clue that “idle mind is…”, well, you know the rest of the sentence. Don’t say there are not options today, because there are. You need to search for it and you will find great ways to entertain yourself in a decent and healthy way.

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