Rev. Gian Carlo Villatoro Founding Pastor

This is one of the things going through our minds everyday. Whether it is for basic things like food, gas, medicine, utility bills, insurances, car payments, house payments, loans, taxes, credit cards, etc., to entertainment, savings, vacations or retirement. It is fact: money is very important in life! Therefore, money management should be one course everyone should take periodically.

Budget is one word that most people hate, and when I say “hate”, I mean, dislike with the utmost intensity! Because that word -budget- basically means “be responsible, and stick with the plan”. Most people have a big problem with doing what they say they will do. But, if we do not have a budget, or if we don’t stick with the plan of how we are going to use the money in the following week, 2 weeks, or a month (whatever method you are being paid), the truth is: you will be broke.

There is an old song, “Girls just want to have fun.” I tease people telling them that the singer’s name is Cindy Lopez. I know it’s not. It is Lauper, actually. That song talks about a simple idea: How fun it is to have fun! That was the amazing thing when you were a kid, teenager or young adult: You only wanted to have fun! However, with the pass of the years you saw the big difference between those who only have fun and those who were accomplishing great success in life: in their studies, career, marriage, family, etc. And that is one thing: Fun or Budget.

You now, a total grown up adult with tons of responsibilities, know that only having fun is extremely dangerous. It is fun, though! It is really fun to have fun. I love to have fun. As a matter of fact, if you ask me what I would like to do today, my immediate answer would be, “Let’s have fun!” Because how fun it is to have fun! Unfortunately, not everything in life is fun, we know that. That is why we teach our kids when they are little to assume responsibilities in the house, with their chores and school homework. We remind our teenagers the same thing, and we continue telling our children the same thing all throughout their lives: be responsible! Wow, that is so sad, right? It is! I would prefer to say to my kids, grandkids, and my church members, — come on guys, let’s have fun— but the consequences of that route are a total disaster, not just financially, but physically, mentally, and in our relationships.

In your budget, you need to consider your income and your expenses. Remember that the source of all blessings is our Lord God. He is the One giving you that business or job. He is the One who gave you life, intelligence, and the strength to make money. He should be the number one in your budget when it comes to start making your payments. There are many promises of abundance and provision in the Bible, but honestly, God loves those who give with a grateful and cheerful heart.

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