Hygiene helps you to be healthy


Rev. Gian Carlo Villatoro Founding Pastor
VICTORY CHURCH ODESSA https://www.vchurch.us

Many people have discovered the wonders of a healthy life by keeping good hygiene. When you visit your family or friends, whether it is to their homes or work places, there is always something that you will like: Cleanliness. Every time you get into a car, a clean car always makes you feel good, even if the vehicle is not new. When you are ready to start your day, clean clothes will always make feel better. Clean socks, clean shirts, etc., are some things that just make you feel really good. When you take a shower, it is awesome when you are all clean, it makes you feel even cleaner. Using a clean towel is sensational. The same thing applies when you want to brush your teeth. Having a new clean toothbrush and putting your toothpaste from a clean tube is just great. Using a clean comb or hairbrush makes you also feel very good.

Think about your food. A clean pantry, clean kitchen utensils, clean stove, clean microwave, clean refrigerator, clean plates, clean silverware. All that simply makes you feel good. It does not matter if your home is simple or fancy, it does not mater if you will cook a superb meal or a simple plate. Having clean ingredients, clean tools, it will always make you feel better.

Spiritually speaking it is the same. In order to feel good within ourselves, we need to be clean. That is why we will never get tired of proclaiming the great news of the GRACE OF JESUS. The Salvation that anyone can experience for free. It is free for you. You don’t have to pay anything to be saved. Read this passage in Romans 10.9, “If you openly say, —Jesus is my Lord— and believe in your heart that God raised Him from death, you will be saved.” © ERV.

In order to become a child of God, all that is required is to believe. Faith that comes by God, by hearing his Word. It’s like now how you just read that passage. Could you please read out loud that passage? “If you openly say, —Jesus is my Lord— and believe in your heart that God raised Him from death, you will be saved.” Becoming clean is matter of accepting the gift of Salvation. Do not listen to any other person, or group of people, telling you otherwise. Only believe God’s Word, and let the Holy Spirit guide you to take the next step. Areas that He will guide you in are: Joining a church, getting baptized, becoming an active member in your church by doing volunteer work for God, or making financial contributions to your church, but more importantly is the change in your heart. You will start to feel the need to have cleaner desires, cleaner thoughts, cleaner words, and in general you will begin to long for a much better relationship with our Lord God, and with yourself, and everyone else who wants to have a clean friend.

You now see that Hygiene definitely helps you to be healthy. Remember, God can clean you so well that you will be able to live a life with purity, good conscience, and spiritual good health.

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