Am I a Victim of Myself?


Rev. Gian Carlo Villatoro Founding Pastor

Yes, I am. But, it is also true that others have offended me and hurt me throughout my life. However, when I think of all the problems that I have faced in the past, and the ones that I am facing now, for some reason I keep thinking I didn’t handle this right.

I do not particularly enjoy beating myself up every time I make a mistake. But my personal history teaches me that if I would have applied wisdom in each case, most of the problems that I had, and the ones that I have now, would not have been as bad, because the direction of my life and certain circumstances would have been different.

I know this to be true because I have accomplished many wonderful things in my life, and I had success in the past in many areas, and today I am successful in many areas. All that is because of the grace of God and the wisdom that I have received through the Bible, as well as my mentors.

I am 56 years old. I am the oldest sibling out of six children. My parents are in Heaven. I am a pastor. My wife, Tracy, and I have four children and one grandchild, and one more grandchild will be arriving into this world in November, in the name of the Lord.

Every day I communicate with many individuals, in person, on the phone, etc. I have the privilege of speaking with many people, and they share with me their personal challenges, which is an honor for me that they choose me as a friend and confidant.

Based on all I have said above, and knowing what the Scripture says, I know that quite often I am the victim of myself. So are you. But what is the real challenge? It is to admit that I have done something wrong. That I am wrong. That I need help. The biggest challenge is to accept that I am weak, that I am not that smart. That I need God. That I need the help of anyone who is able to guide me in the particular area that I am struggling with. Even in cases where I am the victim of any kind of abuse from others, even then, I have to learn how to defend myself, how to protect myself. Basically, I need to acquire wisdom. The wisdom that comes from God is the solution to all problems. I always tease my friends, telling them that chocolate is the answer to all questions. Therefore, I can say that wisdom is like chocolate.

Where can I find it? In the hearts of individuals around me that love God, and who love me. That is your choice. Get it. Do it. Learn to become accountable to them.

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