Reading and Listening

It was in the second decade of the 1900s when the invention of Radio brought to America a new term: “Broadcasting”. It was just fascinating. Old people, young fellows and little ones were impacted by the sound of voices and music, literally coming into their homes via the waves of a wireless signal. People were incredibly attracted to the radio. That invention made a huge impact that transformed many things in the world. People then used to learn and get entertained, among other ways, mainly by reading.

Books will be always needed. We need to keep learning, and books are a great method to acquire knowledge. But the radio changed a lot of people. Still today there are many individuals that prefer radio to keep them company. Later with TV, computers, and videos, less and less people are interested in reading. Watching the screen with images makes easier to understand things and entertainment is even simpler. Your imagination does not get to work if you are watching a video.

For so many people there is a particular beauty on reading. My mother-in-law, mama Tina, used to say this, “when I read a book, I am transported to a new world, whatever the reading takes me.”. I always loved to hear her saying that, kindle and ebooks became her favorite pastime in her last years. When my dad passed away, he instructed us to donate all his books to a public library in a country town. He was a writer, among other things, he wanted others to enjoy reading.

Listening to music is also a wonderful way to enjoy a ride in our cars, whether commuting to/from work, or traveling for pleasure. But in July 2019 I decided to make a small contribution to my country and to the world. By the Grace of God, with the wonderful help of my team, including my wife Tracy, my son Sebastian and great musicians, editors, narrators, and the support of my Victory Church family, we have produced audiobooks to keep company to those who like to read inspirational stories but can’t do it while driving or walking.

We launched a website, a YouTube channel, and a Facebook page called “Gian Audiobooks”, where anyone with access to the internet can enjoy listening to free audiobooks. Today, on February 2020, we are very pleased to share with you 7 productions, each one is a 30-minutes audiobook with my original story and music. Anyone is free to go to and listen to any of the following audiobooks: (1) Unmask, (2) Inadequate, (3) Tears of Joy, (4) Survive, (5) One Year Later, (6) Frankie,  (7) Made to Win, and (8) Year 2064. On the website you will be able to see the cover of each audiobook and read a short description of each book. All these books are available on iTunes and on the App Books, as well.

If you like to read but maybe one day you can’t, for whatever reason, I invite you to download for free these audiobooks and feel free to share them with your family and friends. Reading or listening, your brain is going to keep very active when you feed yourself with a cool story.

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