Angels around us

You don’t have a clue how many times angels are sent by God have saved your life. Psalm 91.11 declares, “The Lord will command His angels to protect you wherever you go.” – Thanks to our good Lord for that! I remember many times that I have been in dangerous situations, occasions where I knew that only God and His angels could save me and protected me, and He did! Glory to God! But I wonder how many times He saved me that I was not even aware of the potential accident that could have ended my life?

On the other hand, I know that in innumerable cases I have been helped by individuals in many instances, places, and contexts. Whether it is in receiving help in doing God’s work in ministry, or it is on a personal level, those individuals were  just like “angels”, because somehow they were the answer to my prayers.

From the theological viewpoint, “angels” are part of God’s creation as beings with supernatural characteristics. However, today I am not profound about the concept, rather I am speaking to you just as a friend, like any other guy who can say to you that throughout the years, I have seen people doing wonderful things for others, that somehow they have acted like “angels” helping people.

I know that every time I have a need, I can go to the Lord in prayer to ask Him for His help, and I know that He hears me. I know that He helps me, always. But I have seen that quite often He uses someone to fulfill that need. I like to see God’s hands on everything good that happens to me. I also like to see that the one who helps me is like an “angel” to me, because of the service they are doing for me.

From that simple, and perhaps naive perspective, I say, “Many angels have helped me in my life.” I smile when I think of those who I have called “angels”, people like you and I, without supernatural powers, but all of them with one capability, the ability to be kind and nice to someone. Many of you have been an angel for others without your even thinking about it. Perhaps you could once again today be an angel for someone who needs something that you can give. Maybe it’s money, a jacket, or a meal, a name and phone number, an address, or simply directions to get somewhere. And all that happens because your heart is willing to do something for somebody without expecting anything in return. You do it just because God put love in your heart, and the kindness and willingness to share. Today you are the angel for someone, who tomorrow will be the angel for somebody else.


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