Many people have pets in their home. Some of my friends have more than one type of animal, such as dogs, horses, pigs, chickens, etc. My wife and I only have one dog, a big lab! We love him and he makes us laugh and entertains us everyday. Of course, he also makes us mad some times. It amazes me how strong the connections are that we develop with our pets. However, some people are not able to even have pets, due to health reasons, financial reasons, or maybe sometimes it’s due to space, etc.

Our pets can be either small or big, hairy or not hairy, sweet or mean, obedient or disobedient, friendly or unfriendly, indoors or outdoors, but regardless, we connect with our pets. You need to be aware of not making the mistake of taking so many pets into your home that it could present a problem. Pets need attention, and we should not ignore our pets. They need food, vet visits, which include all the shots and care needed, and all that requires money.

Do you think that it is a good idea having so many animals living in your home to the point that you could have health challenges because of the lack of hygiene? What do you think about using so much money on your pets that you are not able to even buy food for yourself or your own prescriptions? What about not having the money to take the pets to be checked by the vet, without the care that animals need?

Do you feel obligated to pets when that implies that you will neglect yourself or your own family? Authorities never allow houses packed and overpopulated because it is a hazard to the residents in that home. There is a place and time for everything. We all need to be reasonable about the need of shelters for pets of all kind. At the same time, we all need to be understanding about our own needs, because we  and our families come before any animal.

The Good Lord created Heaven and Earth. He created us, and He created all the animals. It is a fact that He wants us to be nice to our pets. Proverbs 12.10 ERV, says, “Good people take good care of their animals, but the wicked know only how to be cruel.”

My friend, it is great that you are kind to your pets. Just remember that people are more important than any pet. Remember that some people are in trouble and need some money for their bills, etc. Putting so  much money in a pet maybe is cruel when someone you know needs help and you refuse to help them.

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