If you read the Bible and study passages about the heroes of the people of Israel, you probably admire characters, such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Daniel, Isaiah, etc. The list goes on and on. Sometimes you think, ‘Those guys were awesome. I am not like them at all.’ Then you take a deep breath, and say to yourself, ‘I am not like them. I will never be like anyone else in the Bible, nor in the current times, like those preachers, or people that do great things for God and His Kingdom.’

Then you think to yourself again, ‘I hate that! I wish I were different!’

Why not, my friend? Why can you not change, and become another “Hero of Faith”? All that is required is for you to believe in the Word of God, whether it comes directly from a passage in the Scripture, or even through a whisper from the Holy Spirit to your heart.

Every hero in the Bible had struggles to fully believe in the first place. Every preacher and person doing great things for God, and His Kingdom, has also struggled to fully believe, like you and I. Maybe someone can say, “Speak for yourself!” Well, good for you. However, most of us grow slowly in our faith. Step by step we learn to depend on the Lord. We begin to believe in His Word, and trust in His Word, in order to do what He wants us to do.

The problem is that you cannot compare yourself with someone else. You simply cannot do that because God has a personalized plan for each one of His servants. Maybe you do not see yourself as a servant of God, but you are. Like anyone else in the Kingdom of God, each one of us has a calling, something special to do for God and His people. When you hear that calling, and you have to listen carefully to what the Lord wants you to do, and then you will receive the proper training to do His will.

As a believer, the only requirement for you is to “believe”. If you truly believe that the Lord is calling you to do something, then believe in Him, and trust in His voice. Move forward, even if you do not get it right the first time. In all aspects of life, all humans have failed. Moses failed at some point. So did Abraham, Noah, David, and Peter. The only one who does not fail, is the Lord Jesus. He is the only one who is perfect.

You must do His will, believe and trust in Him, and do what you can. Go to your mentor, your pastor. Find help in any way you can. The Lord will always bless and help those who will at least try.

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