You will always have people around you, whether you are a people person or not. Even if you don’t like people, you will be in touch with people while you go through life. It’s possible that what is more difficult to you is the aggravation that some people bring to you. People are different than you. They will never think, speak, act or do things the same way you do. This is the main reason why you are aggravated by others majority of the time.

You are used to communicating with others by using certain words or expressions. Perhaps you were brought up to be tactful when you talk to someone. Maybe you were told to not interrupt others while they are speaking. You have your own personal style in approaching people. Although your style may not be necessarily well thought out, you do things your way, and when people approach you in a different way than you are used to, you might feel uncomfortable.

Most problems begin precisely because the communication between individuals lacks quality, or simply is abrupt, and can be rude to the point of becoming disrespectful. This is when people become mad. Unfortunately, some people just don’t get it. In your view, it seems to be common sense, but not everyone got the memo about the basic rules in talking to others. There are occasions when you see the image of the word, ‘Really??’, all in red boldface font on a white cloud, floating above the head of people that are absolutely shocked. The expression on their face is priceless.

Why is that? It is called “Human Interaction”. Welcome to civilization!

Century XXVI, and Apps, cannot do much to improve humanity, or interacting nicely among people. That is something that can only be learned in homes. Schools, churches, and a Human Resources’ manual at the workplace, for example, cannot complete the task of teaching people how to communicate and relate with other individuals.

The perfect scenario for learning such essential training comes from within our homes. CEOs, Directors, Supervisors, Managers, and leaders in general, are the kinds of people who face the most difficult challenge in human interaction, because everything we do, and will do, relies in the the hands of “humans”. Part of the new generation finds this very scary because some of them would prefer leaving all decisions based on algorithms. 

Whether your field of occupation is in business, science, education, etc., you are going to continuously be dealing with people, and we all are complex. We are all different, and we all see things from a distinct viewpoint. You might feel more comfortable working with people that operate like you. Nonetheless, your ability to be patient with everyone will be the key for your success. Tolerance does not mean lowering your standards. Tolerance means you will become better. Tolerance makes your self of “today” above your self of “yesterday”.

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