Put yourself in Moses’ shoes

“Moses ran away from Pharaoh and went to the land of Midian.”  Exodus 2.15b

By reading that portion of the Scripture, this is one thought that can come to mind: Was Moses a chicken? Honestly, what would YOU do? Would you stay in Egypt and face Pharaoh and his army? I don’t think so. We know that Moses’ intention was to help his Hebrew fellows, but even some of them did not like the idea of having Moses as their leader. Let’s pretend that an imaginary TV Station sends a professional crew of reporters, with cameras and high technology equipment, to interview Moses.

Interviewer — “Excuse me, Mr. Moses, we understand you are planning to go to Midian to hide from Pharaoh because he wants to kill you, due to the fact that you killed an Egyptian trying to defend some Hebrews. Is that correct?

Moses — “Yes! What do you want?”

Interviewer — “Will you continue making efforts to help the Hebrews?”

[*] Moses — “What? Are you blind? Don’t you see that I am an outcast now? I am trying to save my life. I lost my position, my possessions, I don’t have a house now, no servants, no transportation, no money, and I don’t even know where I am going to sleep tonight! I have no idea where I am going, I am thirsty, hungry, sweating in this heat, and my shoes and clothes will not last much longer in this weather. Who knows how bad the night will be here in desert. I don’t even know if I will be alive tomorrow morning! And you are asking me if I will try to help those ungrateful people? Are you kidding me?!”

Interviewer — “Sir, would be okay if we go along to film you, and keep reporting about you?”

Moses — “Are you crazy? Leave me alone! Get out of my sight! I don’t know what I am going to do! Leave, go!”

Now, you and I know that Moses eventually came back to lead the Israelites in going to the Promise Land, and set them free from Pharaoh’s oppression. But during the time of  “Exodus 2.15b”, Moses was not a happy boy. How do you respond to unfair and negative circumstances? What if some TV station sends a crew to interview you while you are in your own “Exodus 2.15b”? All of us go through tough times in life: family, health, career, money, relationships, etc. But the Lord God has always a plan. That is what you need to think of: The Lord God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth, the King of the Universe, has a plan for me and His people. I just need to go through it, and eventually I will do what He wants me to do for others.

If today someone asks you, “Will you continue making efforts to help others?” Would you answer like the hypothetical answer [*], or would you say, “I trust in the Lord and will always do my best to help everyone who needs my help, according with my abilities”?

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