It was 1990 in the city of Guatemala. I was 26 years old. At that point, the good Lord already blessed me with two, beautiful healthy kids. First, my Natalie, a precious cute little girl, with the most gorgeous big eyes and big eyelashes, and a pretty mouth that made an incomparable smile. My dad called her Gaviota. Then came my Sebastian. A skinny, adorable boy with the most innocent look, eyes that were saying to you “you can kiss me…”, and everyone did. My dad called him Venadillo.

They were my life, and still today, my children are amazingly loved by me! My time with them every night was all about singing songs to the Lord,  and dancing in the living room. Kisses and hugs, baths, pijamas, snacks, toys… I had everything a father could wish for, precious, healthy children… and still today!

I miss them every morning and every night. I miss them every weekend and every birthday. Wonderful memories of their childhood. Today my kids are young adults, and who knows… maybe in the future, the story will be repeated. Except now, this time, they would be the ones singing and kissing babies, but not yet.

Every time when I came to my parent’s home to pick up my kids, because my parents babysitted them, my kids said to me, “Daddy, we love the bottle Mamita gives us.” I said, “Really? With milk?” They said, “No Daddy, with coffee!” 😆☕️ 

True story! Nat & Bash drink coffee every day still today! It is all Mamita’s fault!


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