Becoming a mature believer

The only ones that read this note are those who are serious about growing and maturing in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a 4-minute reading.

I have hundreds of mature believer friends. In every city that I have lived and worked I always could see those with the “desire” to mature. Also, I saw that the great majority of Christians only wanted to be entertained. Like little kids.

I love having kids around me. Kids make me happy. Their innocence about many things in life, their ingenuity, their purity, their joy, their energy, etc. All those good things in kids are wonderful; that is why I love having them around me. But kids also could be dangerous when it is about the use of money, vehicles, equipment, tools, etc. Parenting is really a challenge for us.

The same thing happens in church. All those new believers, and many of the immature older believers, somehow you can compare them with little kids. They are precious, you want them in the house (of the Lord), you love their company, but you are aware that they are selfish, self-centered, they have a very short attention span, and mainly they want to be entertained.

How can I tell that a believer wants to mature? Mainly by their ability to listen, pay attention and learn.

Today someone is doing a particular service for my wife. I met this lady near 3 years ago. Immediately I noticed that she wanted to mature in the Lord. She was willing to be accountable and was ready to assume responsibilities in the church. I have seen her growing in her spiritual life tremendously. Throughout tribulations, gigantic problems, unstoppable challenges, she has cried, laughed, prayed, given, served, helped, worked, worshiped, learned and hoped that our Lord would help her. And He has, as He always does for His children.

The problems in life will never end. The difference in the life of a mature believer is how we handle the problems. How we take those problems and bring them to the Lord. How willing we are to discuss alternatives and openly be willing to change.

Mature believers never stop learning. Never stop loving. Never stop giving. But mainly they never close theirs hearts to those who are in need. Mature believers become leaders for their families, leaders in the community, and, of course, leaders in the church.

If I am proud of this lady, I can imagine how proud the Lord is of her.




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