Dinner with Friends

Do you agree with me that having dinner with friends is awesome?

It is not about the food, even though that is a determinant factor in the overall success of the dinner, it is all about the KOINONIA (transliterated form of the Greek word, κοινωνία, which means communion, joint participation, the share which one has in anything).

I had dinner last night with a few friends and it was awesome! I enjoyed my meal, but more importantly I enjoyed my friends. I loved every moment with them. Listening to what everyone wanted to share. They didn’t know that I was looking into their eyes attentively and enjoying seeing their expressions, their smiles and other gestures with their faces, hands, etc.

I loved laughing at their jokes, intentional and not.

The respect from and to each other was probably the most outstanding characteristic of our time together. Familiarity. Unity. Simplicity. Love. Joy. Peace. Hope. I feel invited to do it again.

I see God in those moments. One day I will be in Heaven and I know that then and there things will be like last night. Filled with so much love and excitement. I see God in my children. I saw God in my parents, who are in Heaven now. I see God among everyone who wants to be good and do well. God is LOVE and He moves through us as we let Him move to bless others.

I want that kind of night all the time, and I know that with my Lord Jesus, every night is just like that. He is the LOVE of my life.



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