Women are powerful

I remember when I was young  hearing jokes from many guys older than me, saying things about women, in general, basically saying that women were not strong, not smart, not able to lead, etc, things of this kind. Honestly that was a joke itself! Many of those guys were who they were thanks to strong, smart and powerful women in their lives.

Later, throughout my training and my career as a Christian Minister, I saw that all my mentors have been wise men who had tremendous wives who protected them, supported them, and tolerated them more than they could ever thought. Powerful women who knew the importance of becoming godly wives.

Smart men always appreciate their wives, care for them and provide for them the spiritual, emotional and material support needed. Foolish men do the opposite. The result is obvious.

Last night I had my traditional Bible Study in Victory Church, like we do on Tuesdays, and shared the study that I am including here. Interestingly only women came to this study. It was my pleasure to speak to those ladies about the reading on Genesis 34. And I encouraged them to continue trusting in the Lord to fight with faith in our Lord Jesus without giving up to their calling in sharing the great news, “There is always hope for everyone in JESUS”.




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