Reading and Listening

It was in the second decade of the 1900s when the invention of Radio brought to America a new term: “Broadcasting”. It was just fascinating. Old people, young fellows and little ones were impacted by the sound of voices and music, literally coming into their homes via the waves of a wireless signal. People were incredibly attracted to the radio. That invention made a huge impact that transformed many things in the world. People then used to learn and get entertained, among other ways, mainly by reading.

Books will be always needed. We need to keep learning, and books are a great method to acquire knowledge. But the radio changed a lot of people. Still today there are many individuals that prefer radio to keep them company. Later with TV, computers, and videos, less and less people are interested in reading. Watching the screen with images makes easier to understand things and entertainment is even simpler. Your imagination does not get to work if you are watching a video.

For so many people there is a particular beauty on reading. My mother-in-law, mama Tina, used to say this, “when I read a book, I am transported to a new world, whatever the reading takes me.”. I always loved to hear her saying that, kindle and ebooks became her favorite pastime in her last years. When my dad passed away, he instructed us to donate all his books to a public library in a country town. He was a writer, among other things, he wanted others to enjoy reading.

Listening to music is also a wonderful way to enjoy a ride in our cars, whether commuting to/from work, or traveling for pleasure. But in July 2019 I decided to make a small contribution to my country and to the world. By the Grace of God, with the wonderful help of my team, including my wife Tracy, my son Sebastian and great musicians, editors, narrators, and the support of my Victory Church family, we have produced audiobooks to keep company to those who like to read inspirational stories but can’t do it while driving or walking.

We launched a website, a YouTube channel, and a Facebook page called “Gian Audiobooks”, where anyone with access to the internet can enjoy listening to free audiobooks. Today, on February 2020, we are very pleased to share with you 7 productions, each one is a 30-minutes audiobook with my original story and music. Anyone is free to go to and listen to any of the following audiobooks: (1) Unmask, (2) Inadequate, (3) Tears of Joy, (4) Survive, (5) One Year Later, (6) Frankie,  (7) Made to Win, and (8) Year 2064. On the website you will be able to see the cover of each audiobook and read a short description of each book. All these books are available on iTunes and on the App Books, as well.

If you like to read but maybe one day you can’t, for whatever reason, I invite you to download for free these audiobooks and feel free to share them with your family and friends. Reading or listening, your brain is going to keep very active when you feed yourself with a cool story.


I enjoy having fun with my dog. Over a year ago, in the Summer of 2018, I went to pick up my mail to my mailbox, half block from my home, and a puppy licked my leg… he followed me home, I said, “Tracy, someone is here to see you…”, Tracy and I loved the little one that now is almost 140 Lbs of pure energy jumping all over my home! Insane!

Here is a video of him today 3/14/2020.



Angels around us

You don’t have a clue how many times angels are sent by God have saved your life. Psalm 91.11 declares, “The Lord will command His angels to protect you wherever you go.” – Thanks to our good Lord for that! I remember many times that I have been in dangerous situations, occasions where I knew that only God and His angels could save me and protected me, and He did! Glory to God! But I wonder how many times He saved me that I was not even aware of the potential accident that could have ended my life?

On the other hand, I know that in innumerable cases I have been helped by individuals in many instances, places, and contexts. Whether it is in receiving help in doing God’s work in ministry, or it is on a personal level, those individuals were  just like “angels”, because somehow they were the answer to my prayers.

From the theological viewpoint, “angels” are part of God’s creation as beings with supernatural characteristics. However, today I am not profound about the concept, rather I am speaking to you just as a friend, like any other guy who can say to you that throughout the years, I have seen people doing wonderful things for others, that somehow they have acted like “angels” helping people.

I know that every time I have a need, I can go to the Lord in prayer to ask Him for His help, and I know that He hears me. I know that He helps me, always. But I have seen that quite often He uses someone to fulfill that need. I like to see God’s hands on everything good that happens to me. I also like to see that the one who helps me is like an “angel” to me, because of the service they are doing for me.

From that simple, and perhaps naive perspective, I say, “Many angels have helped me in my life.” I smile when I think of those who I have called “angels”, people like you and I, without supernatural powers, but all of them with one capability, the ability to be kind and nice to someone. Many of you have been an angel for others without your even thinking about it. Perhaps you could once again today be an angel for someone who needs something that you can give. Maybe it’s money, a jacket, or a meal, a name and phone number, an address, or simply directions to get somewhere. And all that happens because your heart is willing to do something for somebody without expecting anything in return. You do it just because God put love in your heart, and the kindness and willingness to share. Today you are the angel for someone, who tomorrow will be the angel for somebody else.



Many people have pets in their home. Some of my friends have more than one type of animal, such as dogs, horses, pigs, chickens, etc. My wife and I only have one dog, a big lab! We love him and he makes us laugh and entertains us everyday. Of course, he also makes us mad some times. It amazes me how strong the connections are that we develop with our pets. However, some people are not able to even have pets, due to health reasons, financial reasons, or maybe sometimes it’s due to space, etc.

Our pets can be either small or big, hairy or not hairy, sweet or mean, obedient or disobedient, friendly or unfriendly, indoors or outdoors, but regardless, we connect with our pets. You need to be aware of not making the mistake of taking so many pets into your home that it could present a problem. Pets need attention, and we should not ignore our pets. They need food, vet visits, which include all the shots and care needed, and all that requires money.

Do you think that it is a good idea having so many animals living in your home to the point that you could have health challenges because of the lack of hygiene? What do you think about using so much money on your pets that you are not able to even buy food for yourself or your own prescriptions? What about not having the money to take the pets to be checked by the vet, without the care that animals need?

Do you feel obligated to pets when that implies that you will neglect yourself or your own family? Authorities never allow houses packed and overpopulated because it is a hazard to the residents in that home. There is a place and time for everything. We all need to be reasonable about the need of shelters for pets of all kind. At the same time, we all need to be understanding about our own needs, because we  and our families come before any animal.

The Good Lord created Heaven and Earth. He created us, and He created all the animals. It is a fact that He wants us to be nice to our pets. Proverbs 12.10 ERV, says, “Good people take good care of their animals, but the wicked know only how to be cruel.”

My friend, it is great that you are kind to your pets. Just remember that people are more important than any pet. Remember that some people are in trouble and need some money for their bills, etc. Putting so  much money in a pet maybe is cruel when someone you know needs help and you refuse to help them.


If you read the Bible and study passages about the heroes of the people of Israel, you probably admire characters, such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Daniel, Isaiah, etc. The list goes on and on. Sometimes you think, ‘Those guys were awesome. I am not like them at all.’ Then you take a deep breath, and say to yourself, ‘I am not like them. I will never be like anyone else in the Bible, nor in the current times, like those preachers, or people that do great things for God and His Kingdom.’

Then you think to yourself again, ‘I hate that! I wish I were different!’

Why not, my friend? Why can you not change, and become another “Hero of Faith”? All that is required is for you to believe in the Word of God, whether it comes directly from a passage in the Scripture, or even through a whisper from the Holy Spirit to your heart.

Every hero in the Bible had struggles to fully believe in the first place. Every preacher and person doing great things for God, and His Kingdom, has also struggled to fully believe, like you and I. Maybe someone can say, “Speak for yourself!” Well, good for you. However, most of us grow slowly in our faith. Step by step we learn to depend on the Lord. We begin to believe in His Word, and trust in His Word, in order to do what He wants us to do.

The problem is that you cannot compare yourself with someone else. You simply cannot do that because God has a personalized plan for each one of His servants. Maybe you do not see yourself as a servant of God, but you are. Like anyone else in the Kingdom of God, each one of us has a calling, something special to do for God and His people. When you hear that calling, and you have to listen carefully to what the Lord wants you to do, and then you will receive the proper training to do His will.

As a believer, the only requirement for you is to “believe”. If you truly believe that the Lord is calling you to do something, then believe in Him, and trust in His voice. Move forward, even if you do not get it right the first time. In all aspects of life, all humans have failed. Moses failed at some point. So did Abraham, Noah, David, and Peter. The only one who does not fail, is the Lord Jesus. He is the only one who is perfect.

You must do His will, believe and trust in Him, and do what you can. Go to your mentor, your pastor. Find help in any way you can. The Lord will always bless and help those who will at least try.


You will always have people around you, whether you are a people person or not. Even if you don’t like people, you will be in touch with people while you go through life. It’s possible that what is more difficult to you is the aggravation that some people bring to you. People are different than you. They will never think, speak, act or do things the same way you do. This is the main reason why you are aggravated by others majority of the time.

You are used to communicating with others by using certain words or expressions. Perhaps you were brought up to be tactful when you talk to someone. Maybe you were told to not interrupt others while they are speaking. You have your own personal style in approaching people. Although your style may not be necessarily well thought out, you do things your way, and when people approach you in a different way than you are used to, you might feel uncomfortable.

Most problems begin precisely because the communication between individuals lacks quality, or simply is abrupt, and can be rude to the point of becoming disrespectful. This is when people become mad. Unfortunately, some people just don’t get it. In your view, it seems to be common sense, but not everyone got the memo about the basic rules in talking to others. There are occasions when you see the image of the word, ‘Really??’, all in red boldface font on a white cloud, floating above the head of people that are absolutely shocked. The expression on their face is priceless.

Why is that? It is called “Human Interaction”. Welcome to civilization!

Century XXVI, and Apps, cannot do much to improve humanity, or interacting nicely among people. That is something that can only be learned in homes. Schools, churches, and a Human Resources’ manual at the workplace, for example, cannot complete the task of teaching people how to communicate and relate with other individuals.

The perfect scenario for learning such essential training comes from within our homes. CEOs, Directors, Supervisors, Managers, and leaders in general, are the kinds of people who face the most difficult challenge in human interaction, because everything we do, and will do, relies in the the hands of “humans”. Part of the new generation finds this very scary because some of them would prefer leaving all decisions based on algorithms. 

Whether your field of occupation is in business, science, education, etc., you are going to continuously be dealing with people, and we all are complex. We are all different, and we all see things from a distinct viewpoint. You might feel more comfortable working with people that operate like you. Nonetheless, your ability to be patient with everyone will be the key for your success. Tolerance does not mean lowering your standards. Tolerance means you will become better. Tolerance makes your self of “today” above your self of “yesterday”.

Put yourself in Moses’ shoes

“Moses ran away from Pharaoh and went to the land of Midian.”  Exodus 2.15b

By reading that portion of the Scripture, this is one thought that can come to mind: Was Moses a chicken? Honestly, what would YOU do? Would you stay in Egypt and face Pharaoh and his army? I don’t think so. We know that Moses’ intention was to help his Hebrew fellows, but even some of them did not like the idea of having Moses as their leader. Let’s pretend that an imaginary TV Station sends a professional crew of reporters, with cameras and high technology equipment, to interview Moses.

Interviewer — “Excuse me, Mr. Moses, we understand you are planning to go to Midian to hide from Pharaoh because he wants to kill you, due to the fact that you killed an Egyptian trying to defend some Hebrews. Is that correct?

Moses — “Yes! What do you want?”

Interviewer — “Will you continue making efforts to help the Hebrews?”

[*] Moses — “What? Are you blind? Don’t you see that I am an outcast now? I am trying to save my life. I lost my position, my possessions, I don’t have a house now, no servants, no transportation, no money, and I don’t even know where I am going to sleep tonight! I have no idea where I am going, I am thirsty, hungry, sweating in this heat, and my shoes and clothes will not last much longer in this weather. Who knows how bad the night will be here in desert. I don’t even know if I will be alive tomorrow morning! And you are asking me if I will try to help those ungrateful people? Are you kidding me?!”

Interviewer — “Sir, would be okay if we go along to film you, and keep reporting about you?”

Moses — “Are you crazy? Leave me alone! Get out of my sight! I don’t know what I am going to do! Leave, go!”

Now, you and I know that Moses eventually came back to lead the Israelites in going to the Promise Land, and set them free from Pharaoh’s oppression. But during the time of  “Exodus 2.15b”, Moses was not a happy boy. How do you respond to unfair and negative circumstances? What if some TV station sends a crew to interview you while you are in your own “Exodus 2.15b”? All of us go through tough times in life: family, health, career, money, relationships, etc. But the Lord God has always a plan. That is what you need to think of: The Lord God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth, the King of the Universe, has a plan for me and His people. I just need to go through it, and eventually I will do what He wants me to do for others.

If today someone asks you, “Will you continue making efforts to help others?” Would you answer like the hypothetical answer [*], or would you say, “I trust in the Lord and will always do my best to help everyone who needs my help, according with my abilities”?


It was 1990 in the city of Guatemala. I was 26 years old. At that point, the good Lord already blessed me with two, beautiful healthy kids. First, my Natalie, a precious cute little girl, with the most gorgeous big eyes and big eyelashes, and a pretty mouth that made an incomparable smile. My dad called her Gaviota. Then came my Sebastian. A skinny, adorable boy with the most innocent look, eyes that were saying to you “you can kiss me…”, and everyone did. My dad called him Venadillo.

They were my life, and still today, my children are amazingly loved by me! My time with them every night was all about singing songs to the Lord,  and dancing in the living room. Kisses and hugs, baths, pijamas, snacks, toys… I had everything a father could wish for, precious, healthy children… and still today!

I miss them every morning and every night. I miss them every weekend and every birthday. Wonderful memories of their childhood. Today my kids are young adults, and who knows… maybe in the future, the story will be repeated. Except now, this time, they would be the ones singing and kissing babies, but not yet.

Every time when I came to my parent’s home to pick up my kids, because my parents babysitted them, my kids said to me, “Daddy, we love the bottle Mamita gives us.” I said, “Really? With milk?” They said, “No Daddy, with coffee!” 😆☕️ 

True story! Nat & Bash drink coffee every day still today! It is all Mamita’s fault!


Becoming a mature believer

The only ones that read this note are those who are serious about growing and maturing in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a 4-minute reading.

I have hundreds of mature believer friends. In every city that I have lived and worked I always could see those with the “desire” to mature. Also, I saw that the great majority of Christians only wanted to be entertained. Like little kids.

I love having kids around me. Kids make me happy. Their innocence about many things in life, their ingenuity, their purity, their joy, their energy, etc. All those good things in kids are wonderful; that is why I love having them around me. But kids also could be dangerous when it is about the use of money, vehicles, equipment, tools, etc. Parenting is really a challenge for us.

The same thing happens in church. All those new believers, and many of the immature older believers, somehow you can compare them with little kids. They are precious, you want them in the house (of the Lord), you love their company, but you are aware that they are selfish, self-centered, they have a very short attention span, and mainly they want to be entertained.

How can I tell that a believer wants to mature? Mainly by their ability to listen, pay attention and learn.

Today someone is doing a particular service for my wife. I met this lady near 3 years ago. Immediately I noticed that she wanted to mature in the Lord. She was willing to be accountable and was ready to assume responsibilities in the church. I have seen her growing in her spiritual life tremendously. Throughout tribulations, gigantic problems, unstoppable challenges, she has cried, laughed, prayed, given, served, helped, worked, worshiped, learned and hoped that our Lord would help her. And He has, as He always does for His children.

The problems in life will never end. The difference in the life of a mature believer is how we handle the problems. How we take those problems and bring them to the Lord. How willing we are to discuss alternatives and openly be willing to change.

Mature believers never stop learning. Never stop loving. Never stop giving. But mainly they never close theirs hearts to those who are in need. Mature believers become leaders for their families, leaders in the community, and, of course, leaders in the church.

If I am proud of this lady, I can imagine how proud the Lord is of her.