It was 1990 in the city of Guatemala. I was 26 years old. At that point, the good Lord already blessed me with two, beautiful healthy kids. First, my Natalie, a precious cute little girl, with the most gorgeous big eyes and big eyelashes, and a pretty mouth that made an incomparable smile. My dad called her Gaviota. Then came my Sebastian. A skinny, adorable boy with the most innocent look, eyes that were saying to you “you can kiss me…”, and everyone did. My dad called him Venadillo.

They were my life, and still today, my children are amazingly loved by me! My time with them every night was all about singing songs to the Lord,  and dancing in the living room. Kisses and hugs, baths, pijamas, snacks, toys… I had everything a father could wish for, precious, healthy children… and still today!

I miss them every morning and every night. I miss them every weekend and every birthday. Wonderful memories of their childhood. Today my kids are young adults, and who knows… maybe in the future, the story will be repeated. Except now, this time, they would be the ones singing and kissing babies, but not yet.

Every time when I came to my parent’s home to pick up my kids, because my parents babysitted them, my kids said to me, “Daddy, we love the bottle Mamita gives us.” I said, “Really? With milk?” They said, “No Daddy, with coffee!” 😆☕️ 

True story! Nat & Bash drink coffee every day still today! It is all Mamita’s fault!


Becoming a mature believer

The only ones that read this note are those who are serious about growing and maturing in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a 4-minute reading.

I have hundreds of mature believer friends. In every city that I have lived and worked I always could see those with the “desire” to mature. Also, I saw that the great majority of Christians only wanted to be entertained. Like little kids.

I love having kids around me. Kids make me happy. Their innocence about many things in life, their ingenuity, their purity, their joy, their energy, etc. All those good things in kids are wonderful; that is why I love having them around me. But kids also could be dangerous when it is about the use of money, vehicles, equipment, tools, etc. Parenting is really a challenge for us.

The same thing happens in church. All those new believers, and many of the immature older believers, somehow you can compare them with little kids. They are precious, you want them in the house (of the Lord), you love their company, but you are aware that they are selfish, self-centered, they have a very short attention span, and mainly they want to be entertained.

How can I tell that a believer wants to mature? Mainly by their ability to listen, pay attention and learn.

Today someone is doing a particular service for my wife. I met this lady near 3 years ago. Immediately I noticed that she wanted to mature in the Lord. She was willing to be accountable and was ready to assume responsibilities in the church. I have seen her growing in her spiritual life tremendously. Throughout tribulations, gigantic problems, unstoppable challenges, she has cried, laughed, prayed, given, served, helped, worked, worshiped, learned and hoped that our Lord would help her. And He has, as He always does for His children.

The problems in life will never end. The difference in the life of a mature believer is how we handle the problems. How we take those problems and bring them to the Lord. How willing we are to discuss alternatives and openly be willing to change.

Mature believers never stop learning. Never stop loving. Never stop giving. But mainly they never close theirs hearts to those who are in need. Mature believers become leaders for their families, leaders in the community, and, of course, leaders in the church.

If I am proud of this lady, I can imagine how proud the Lord is of her.




Dinner with Friends

Do you agree with me that having dinner with friends is awesome?

It is not about the food, even though that is a determinant factor in the overall success of the dinner, it is all about the KOINONIA (transliterated form of the Greek word, κοινωνία, which means communion, joint participation, the share which one has in anything).

I had dinner last night with a few friends and it was awesome! I enjoyed my meal, but more importantly I enjoyed my friends. I loved every moment with them. Listening to what everyone wanted to share. They didn’t know that I was looking into their eyes attentively and enjoying seeing their expressions, their smiles and other gestures with their faces, hands, etc.

I loved laughing at their jokes, intentional and not.

The respect from and to each other was probably the most outstanding characteristic of our time together. Familiarity. Unity. Simplicity. Love. Joy. Peace. Hope. I feel invited to do it again.

I see God in those moments. One day I will be in Heaven and I know that then and there things will be like last night. Filled with so much love and excitement. I see God in my children. I saw God in my parents, who are in Heaven now. I see God among everyone who wants to be good and do well. God is LOVE and He moves through us as we let Him move to bless others.

I want that kind of night all the time, and I know that with my Lord Jesus, every night is just like that. He is the LOVE of my life.



Women are powerful

I remember when I was young  hearing jokes from many guys older than me, saying things about women, in general, basically saying that women were not strong, not smart, not able to lead, etc, things of this kind. Honestly that was a joke itself! Many of those guys were who they were thanks to strong, smart and powerful women in their lives.

Later, throughout my training and my career as a Christian Minister, I saw that all my mentors have been wise men who had tremendous wives who protected them, supported them, and tolerated them more than they could ever thought. Powerful women who knew the importance of becoming godly wives.

Smart men always appreciate their wives, care for them and provide for them the spiritual, emotional and material support needed. Foolish men do the opposite. The result is obvious.

Last night I had my traditional Bible Study in Victory Church, like we do on Tuesdays, and shared the study that I am including here. Interestingly only women came to this study. It was my pleasure to speak to those ladies about the reading on Genesis 34. And I encouraged them to continue trusting in the Lord to fight with faith in our Lord Jesus without giving up to their calling in sharing the great news, “There is always hope for everyone in JESUS”.





Everyone of us have problems, and sometimes those troubles are like a giant, like Goliath. There are occasions when we get hurt by the giant, and we feel like we are on the ground…almost defeated.

In those moments, that’s when we need to look up to God, and believe that He will help us because He does. Although we are beat-up, almost to the point to give up, our Lord God always will help us.

Do not lose your HOPE in GOD. He is able to help us. Keep trusting in the Lord. Listen and sing along with me this song: DO IT AGAIN!



Hardworking People

I don’t even know where to start describing my gigantic admiration for each one of the volunteers of VICTORY CHURCH. I just know that day after day, and I am not talking about Sunday after Sunday, no. I am talking about every single day of the week we have so much work to do in our church, and EVERY single day there are 2, 3, 4 or more people doing volunteer work for the Lord and our church. It is just amazing!

I am extremely grateful to our Lord God for the kind of members we have in our church, but especially my Leadership: Board of Directors, Board of Deacons,  Worship Leader, Children’s Ministry Coordinator, and Youth Coordinator, all the teachers, cooks, VBS Coordinator, people taking care of our facilities, yard, swimming pool, parking lot areas, helpers in all areas of the office work, cleaning work, music department, Tech-Team, and our actors, etc. Everyone is so dedicated and serious about serving the Lord! I give thanks to our Lord for such a fantastic family He gave me!

I love you guys, and I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart!

You guys inspire me to work harder, to do more, to give more, and to be a better individual because you do not stop either. You are just AWESOME!

Blessed is the Name of my Lord Jesus Christ for bringing us all together, in our family VICTORY CHURCH.





Enjoy your Saturday

Do not let anything disturb you today.

Do not let anyone bother you.

Do not allow any situation distract you from the most important thing that you have today: LIFE!

You are alive because our good Lord has given you that privilege. You are alive because He wants you to enjoy this day, no matter what.

If there are problems, well, enjoy thinking of the possible solutions, pray with faith to the Father in the name of Jesus, trusting that the Holy Spirit will guide you to do your part, and let the Lord do His part, because He is good at it.

There is nothing impossible for our Lord. Things that you cannot imagine He can do for you: TODAY! If you have the right attitude, which starts by being grateful because you are alive.

Limitations such as: not enough money, pain in your body, hostility in your home, lack of harmony in your family, concerns about work, issues with your car, equipment, house, tools, etc…. they are just obstacles in your day, JUMP above them by not giving them too much importance IN YOUR MIND. Neither in your feelings, because you have a mission today: ENJOY YOUR DAY!

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad on it! Psalm 118.24

Laugh a little if you like our Comedy Soap Opera: The Thumb and The Reckless. Check here on this link, our Episodes are stored there and if you want to watch, be my guest, try to watch them in order so will follow the story…..and have fun with it: